By working with a selected architect in the design phase of a project through the project’s construction and completion, McDonnel assumes total responsibility for the design and construction of your project, giving you a single source of responsibility from start to finish. The benefits of the Design-Build process include:

  • Budget Planning: Receive a firm price for a custom tailored program at a very early stage in the project
  • Choices: Develop your own space program independently or choose to include this function in the design-build contract
  • Advice: Receive expert assistance in determining your space needs, budget, schedule, materials, and project goals

Once space requirements have been developed, McDonnel will assemble a team of construction professionals from each of the required design disciplines, drawing from our own in-house resources as well as external sources. The team’s combined expertise allows us to efficiently and effectively meet your project design and construction requirements, often within stringent budget and schedule parameters. Your confidence in the design-build process will grow as you experience the benefits of having a single source of responsibility, working with a fixed project price, and knowing exactly when the project will be ready for use.

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