Project Specs
Owner The McDonnel Group
Start DateNovember 2012
Completion DateApril 2013
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The McDonnel Group’s Renovated and Rebranded Corporate Office

Project Overview

McDonnel undertook a major rebranding initiative this year, which included an “internal marketing” focus that manifested itself in a way that was planned for almost a year. Our successes have led to growth in number of employees and a need to expand our workspace.  In the new office the company’s vision, mission, purpose, values, and goals are now easily and readily viewable. An entire wall is dedicated to recognizing employees’ accomplishments.  Projects are exhibited in a way that is reminiscent of a gallery space.  This investment in making our desires tangible is helping to create a better work environment and an atmosphere and culture that will help breed its furtherance. The end result of all of this is immediately apparent to our customers.  What they see is people who are engaged, understand what it is that they are accomplishing, and carrying that mission out in a way which is unique and pleasing to them.