Project Specs
Owner Michaels Development Company
Square Footage 38,000
Start Date09/2003
Completion Date05/2004
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New Desire Condominiums Phase 1B

Project Overview

The New Desire Condominiums Phase 1B project consists of the new construction of 38,000 SF multi-income housing neighborhood development. McDonnel constructed a total of 34 units in 19 separate buildings, which was just one segment of the overall project. The redevelopment was funded by the Department of Housing and Development (HUD) through its Hope VI grant program. Each building within the neighborhood was designed in the traditional New Orleans vernacular with bright colors, wide front porches, and historic type details. In addition, designers at Torti Gallas and Partners, the architectural design firm of record, utilized durable modern materials that are not susceptible to moisture and termite damage and also provide low maintenance for the residents.