Project Specs
Owner Port of New Orleans
Square Footage 142,095
Start Date06/2010
Completion Date05/2012
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Port of New Orleans Riverfront Cold Storage Facility

Project Overview

PONO’S new 142,095 SF Riverfront Cold Storage Facility is a unique facility that utilized a design-build process and incorporated many other innovative construction techniques. Features include:

  • Capability to Blast Freeze 1.2 Million Pounds of Product in 20 Hours or Less.
  • Store Up to 35 Million Pounds of Product Between -15o and +40o Fahrenheit.
  • Streamlined Workflow So Product Can Be Moved From the Facility to the Receiving Ships More Quickly and Efficiently.
  • Energy Efficient Construction.
... We’re building the largest frozen poultry export facility in this hemisphere…
Mike Strain


New Orleans City Business Top 10 Construction Projects 2012 – #9