Project Specs
Owner Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office (Law Enforcement District of the Parish of Orleans, State of Louisiana)
Square Footage 433,409
Start Date08/2011
Completion Date06/2014
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Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office New Prison Complex

Project Overview

This new 433,409 SF structure replaces a number of the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office buildings that were flooded and damaged during Hurricane Katrina. With a building cost of $145 million, the new Intake Processing Center/Templeman III & IV Replacement facility meets the standards and codes of the American Correctional Association.

The housing portion of the new structure is a five-story, concrete-framed building with intermediate mezzanines that provide secure housing for a total of 1,438 inmates.

The building consists of 20 housing units with a total of 500 cells. Each cell is designed for double occupancy. All cells are precast concrete that were fabricated and finished off site, then transported and assembled with the structure. Dormitories provide the remaining inmates with beds.

In addition to the housing portion, an Intake Processing Center and Administrative Building was constructed. The Intake Processing Center is a two-story steel structure that accommodates the admission of inmates and storage of possessions. Inmates enter the complex through a secure sally port on the ground level. Above the sally port stands a three-story steel structure that accommodates the needs of the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology was used to coordinate the following features of construction: precast cell modules, concrete structure, structural steel, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, security, architectural precast, metal panel wall systems, exterior glazing, and roofing.

...This new facility will incorporate the best practices of the American Correctional Association, from the latest in security technology to space that better accommodates our inmate training and education programs... a replacement facility that offers safer, more secure living and working conditions for our inmates and deputies...
Marlin Gusman


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