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    HOSPITALITY: Jung Hotel Redevelopment
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    INDUSTRIAL: NASA Space Center Cryogenics Control Center
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    INDUSTRIAL: Valero Administration Building
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    EDUCATION: New Orleans Center for Creative Arts - NOCCA Forum
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    RESIDENTIAL: 731 St. Charles Avenue Luxury Condos
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    INTERIORS: Adams & Reese Law Offices
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    PUBLIC: Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
    Phase IV & IVA - A Modernizations and Southwest Airlines Gates Renovations
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    McDonnel's Proven Process: Plan. Build. Deliver.
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    PUBLIC: Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office Intake Processing Center and Templeman III & IV Replacement

We Don’t Let a Project Fail

How does The McDonnel Group consistently deliver project excellence? Through superior performance, knowledge, safety, service, process, planning, coordination, organization, quality control, documentation, and attention to detail.

McDonnel’s team of construction professionals have the unique ability to understand not only the construction process but also the overall design, development, and usability of each project – a rare combination of talents that is unparalleled.

Your McDonnel construction team will work with you to identify and effectively address the impact of your new facility on your employees, your company, and most importantly, your customers. We learn about your priorities and your business from you, which assists us in determining how our services can best meet or exceed all of your construction goals.

McDonnel specializes in hospitality, education, industrial, healthcare, interiors, commercial, and multi-use construction projects.

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McDonnel’s Core Values
McDonnel’s Proven Process: Plan. Build. Deliver.